July 28, 2022

Islington - with accidental influencer Olivia Jackson, AKA Clothes My Boyfriend Hates

Content creator Olivia Jackson, also known by her handle @clothesmyboyfriendhates, is an Islington-based marketing professional and accidental influencer.

Where do you rest your head?

Islington, north London. I love it – it’s definitely home. 

What’s something amazing about your area that only the locals know about?

I love the Estorick Collection, a small gallery a few minutes from Highbury & Islington station. It’s very unassuming so many people don’t realise it’s there. It’s free for under 18s and students, and it’s very peaceful there.

Where’s your favourite free place to visit in the city?

I cheekily have two, as it totally depends on the weather for me (I’m so British). In the sunshine, it’s Hampstead Heath. When it’s cold or wet, it’s definitely the different museums and galleries. I most recently went to the Wallace Collection in Marylebone – as well as the artwork, the courtyard in the centre is a beautiful place to sit or have a drink.

Did you discover any hidden London gems during lockdown?

I didn’t find any specific gems as such, but I found a new love of walking –- exploring the little streets that I wouldn’t normally walk down as they weren’t on my direct route to a destination. 

What would your perfect no-spend London day involve?

Making a coffee and heading out with it for a walk – I like to go along the canals to Regent’s Park and then walk up Primrose Hill to look at the view of my favourite city. The scale of it is quite humbling and calming. 

Where are your favourite places to shop for clothes in London?

I’m trying to buy less and, when I do buy, prioritise good quality clothes which I’ll love forever. It’s not cheap, but I love the curated collections in Wild Swans (they have a store on Upper Street in Islington and also in Chiswick). They are always competitively priced and have Scandi clothes you can’t find outside of Copenhagen – plus if you sign up to their mailing lists you get a heads up about their sales which are always great in-store. 

If you were going to plan an incredible *free* date in London, what would it involve?

I’m not sure if it would count as incredible, but my favourite kind of date is a lovely walk along the canals and up to Primrose Hill for a picnic with a view of my favourite city. 

What would you do as Mayor of London for a day?

Sort out the night tube and make sure women can get home safely (only a day’s work, of course). 

In three words, what makes someone a Londoner?

Never, ever bored.

Olivia posts on Instagram and her blog about the clothes her boyfriend hates, and is on a mission to empower people to feel able to wear whatever they like.

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